Response to our mailers is huge. Dealerships get an average of 150 - 300 calls directly related to a Zyon sponsored Sales Event. We always display professionalism, warmth, energy and bring a closing power that your dealership will appreciate by sales end.

Below, we list some of the features our program offers.


Our Greeters register the guests using a proven program designed to capture all the necessary data to begin your car deal.


Each Zyon Director brings professionalism, experience, energy and excitement to your store. Most directors have gained their experience from dealerships, selling, financing, qualifying and closing deals. Our directors assist your sales team in every aspect of the sale including closing, where we command 18-22 percent national average.

9 Steps To A Successful Zyon Event

Demonstrate high energy and excitement as well as a great attitude with each guest. Introduce yourself to the customer with a smile and a great demeanor; introduce the customer to the dealership and the great event in which they are about to participate.

2. Register and Profile Each Guest.
Develop a rapport with the customer; ease their nervousness and calm their anxiety; fact find to identify their specific vehicle needs. Generate enthusiasm with the customer for the event by making it fun.

3. Trade Evaluation
(Cash, keys, commitment) puts you in control, starts the selling process. Be a salesperson…not an order taker.

4.Sell Dealerships Inventory
No dealer trades) Sell what you can see, not see what you can sell.

5. Demo
(Feeling the wheel seals the deal). More test drives means more deals. Use your hooks. After test drive take the customer to your desk and start The write up process. (Work then play)

6. Establish Formal Presentation of Figures
(Complete write up)

7. Event Manager or a Closer to take final T.O. of each customer.

7. Deal or no deal
Gift/prize disbursement are done after the written up process is complete NEVER BEFORE!

**Gifts are included in the price. We offer premium gifts (digital cameras, watch sets) and hooks starting at $5,000 gift card and $10,000 cash giveway that is covered by insurance


There are several ways we pull date and that all depends on your dealerships needs and requests. The following lists some ways we pull our lists:

  1. By Credit Score
  2. By Age and Income
  3. Surnames
  4. Garage Predictor (car they drive)
  5. Bankruptcies
  6. Dealer Data Base

There are many companies that do what we do. What distinguishes Zyon from the rest is our focus on customer satisfaction which is as equally important to us as it is to you. We're in it for the long haul! We build relationships with you, your sales team and your customers by helping you sell more cars and make more money.

As an added bonus, we have fun in the process!