Derek Perez

Derek Perez was born and raised in central California and began his career detailing cars in 1993 at Heritage Ford. Derek was mentored and eager to learn the mechanics and practices of the automotive industry during his time with Heritage Ford. Derek knew early on that the automotive industry was going to be his career.

Derek’s passion and commitment for the industry moved him through a succession of opportunities with increased responsibility that reflected his abilities such as a Sales Person, Closer, Sales Manager, General Sales Manager and General Manager/Vice President.

With over 20 years’ experience, Derek’s leadership has gained him considerable recognition within the automotive industry as reflected by the many distinguished awards her received. Under his management, he had the #1 Dodge dealer in central California for eight consecutive years. In 2007, Derek founded his own automotive marketing company, Th!nk Automotive Ad Group. Prior to coming to Zyon Automotive Marketing in 2012, Derek was the General Sales Manager at Fremont Chevrolet in Fremont, California.


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