Steven E. Larrinaga

Steve has been in the automotive business for 15 years. He got his start in the business back in May of 1999 with Cerritos Nissan. He became the top salesman every month during the first 10 months with the team. Working under the leadership of owner and General Manager Peter Fice and co-owner, legendary Larry Van Tuyl, Steve was a quick study and discovered his niche in sales and was certain this would be his chosen profession. Steve incorporated a 12-step program he learned from his mentor at Cerritos and discovered this was the foundation he needed to be successful in sales and in life. There is no other way.

In May of 2001, Steve left Cerritos Nissan to join the Telesis team. He hired the sales team, trained and developed them while providing direction for them. The sales team was averaging 50 to 75 events a month generating $1.16 million each month. While at Telesis, Steve also developed a close relationship with owner David Rotenberry. David made a significant impression on him both personally and professionally. According to Steve, David’s success at making Telesis the premier automotive marketing company was a team effort lead by David with the support of his strong sales team. Steve learned from him the importance of building relationships with clients and the impact of mail campaigns. The sudden loss of David in April of 2006 was hard on everyone that knew him. However, David left a lasting impression on Steve as a person by his generosity and caring ways and as a professional by the extent of his knowledge of the automotive industry. David’s diligence and lasting legacy has resulted in the founding of several marketing companies existing today.

In 2006 Steve founded Zyon Automotive Marketing with the purpose of providing clients with a service that would dramatically improve their sales volume while developing a partnership that was ethical and responsible to their needs. As the business grew and prospered, Steve never lost sight of this purpose and his commitment to it. Steve realized that Zyon’s business relationships with its clients are the cornerstone of the business and he will do anything possible to ensure those relationships are not jeopardized.

Steve is a proud family man, the father of six daughters and one son and a devoted husband to Cary. Steven will undeniably claim that his success is based on the direct influence of the Lord and his parents. Their guidance and support is what energizes him everyday. He values greatly the times that he spends with his family and it’s what keeps him going. Steve is an avid sports fan and loves attending his children’s sporting events. He is also a great fan of the Lakers, Dodgers and Kings as evident by the memorabilia in his office.

Steve lives by the belief that


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